Field of Greens Review

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Field of Greens Review Our quest to provide readers with the information they need about supplements of all kinds brought us to a product called Field of Greens. It’s a nutritional supplement that is said to be “detoxifying, regenerating, energizing, and potently alkalizing.”

The DietSpotlight research team started looking into the product and was immediately concerned by the taste’s negative reviews. After that, they examined the claims made about the product, potential side effects, and the company behind Field of Greens. Then, we took all of the information they gathered and condensed it into this informative review.

What is the Field of Greens?

Field of Greens is a powdered supplement made from raw greens. It is meant to boost the vitamins and minerals they might be missing in their diet. You mix the powder into water and drink it.

Although there are many vegetables in the Field of Greens supplement, like kale and spinach, the main ingredients are various grasses. To make the powder, the greens are freeze-dried or dried at temperatures between 40 and 94 degrees.

Does It Work?

Broccoli Sprout Extract Induces Detoxification-Related Gene Expression and Attenuates Acute Liver Injury — “We conclude that BSEx enhanced defensive functions and protected against the toxicities of various types of xenobiotic substances through induction of detoxification enzymes and glutathione synthesis in the liver.”
Antioxidant Effect of Triticum aestivium (wheat grass) in High-Fat Diet-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rabbits — “results indicate the beneficial role of wheat grass in ameliorating hyperlipidemia and the associated oxidative stress.”
Effects of Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) and its Flavonol Constituents — “use of suboptimal dosages of allopurinol in combination with parsley intake may provide a safer approach for prevention and treatment of hyperuricemia.”

How Did Field of Greens Start?

Field of Greens is from a company called Vibrant Health. Vibrant Health started in 1992. According to the official website, the founder, Mark Timon, is “on the second floor of a barn in the hamlet of Great Valley, NY.”

The company’s first product was Green Vibrance, a product for general nutritional support. Timon reportedly made an initial batch of 500 jars of the supplement. Timon still formulates products for the company today. Before creating Green Vibrance, he had designed more than 450 supplements for other companies.

Apparently, the company is known for frequently reformulating its products since its FAQs address that question specifically. While it’s admirable that they are always looking for ways to make products better, customers can’t count on a product they like staying the same.

Does Field of Greens Work?

The purpose of Field of Greens seems to be to support general nutrition, and we’re not going to argue that consuming vitamins and minerals is a good thing. However, do you really need to detoxify and alkalize? And, are antioxidants really such a huge health benefit? Would you be better off just eating more vegetables?

First, let’s look at detoxifying the body. Initially, the word “detox” was used in the medical world to refer to dangerous substances like drugs and alcohol, leaving the body. People receive medical treatment to detoxify while in a hospital or other facility.

Now, though, detox is often used to talk about getting rid of substances that supposedly cause health problems like bloating and headaches. There’s a whole host of methods for this kind of detox, including supplements and some other strange procedures, like nasal irrigation.

Does the Field of Greens Work

However, according to Harvard Medical School, the truth is that your body doesn’t need any of that. It can take care of toxins that enter the body through the environment or the food you eat. Just taking care of yourself through a healthy diet, exercise, and enough sleep is enough. No need to spend your money on products that claim to detoxify your body.

Scientists in the UK agree with the fact that detox products are a waste of money. In fact, a group of 300 scientists examined the available information about detox products. They found that not only did the manufacturers of these products not only have different definitions of detox, and they also didn’t back up claims with clinical evidence. They felt so strongly about detox products being fraudulent that they published and distributed a leaflet titled “Debunking Detox” to educate consumers, Medical News Today reports.

Science does not support the need to aid your body in maintaining its pH balance, either.

When you eat, your body breaks down the foods to extract calories or energy. The byproducts left from the foods after they are metabolized can be either acidic or alkaline. Proponents of the alkaline diet believe that the acidic byproducts cause illnesses and diseases.
Considering that your body removes unneeded substances from the body as waste, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that eating acidic or alkaline foods can change your urine’s pH balance. However, that doesn’t mean it affects the pH balance of your blood (see the study in the Journal of The American Dietetic Association).

Field of Greens Green Food

Although there’s scientific evidence that antioxidants help maintain good health, the antioxidants in supplements may not be as effective as those in foods. An article published in Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences concluded that “randomized clinical trials indicate that neither vitamin E nor vitamin C supplementation reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events in middle-aged and older men, healthy women or postmenopausal women.”

Finally, though there is certainly some benefit in taking supplements for some people, it’s better to get your nutrition from whole foods. Produce is more nutritious and has more of the micronutrients your body requires, says The Mayo Clinic. You may also be missing out on the fiber offered by whole foods. True, Field of Greens contains some fiber, but considering you need between 25 and 38 grams of fiber each day (according to WebMD), 2 grams isn’t much.

Field of Greens Benefits and Results

The makers of Field of Greens say there are a lot of benefits to using the product, including Vitamins and minerals, Detoxification, Antioxidants, Field of Greens is also easy to use and a convenient way to add some nutrition to your diet. However, that’s only if you don’t mind the taste.


Field of Greens isn’t marketed as a weight-loss supplement, and the makers don’t claim any weight loss benefits. Instead, it is meant to be used as an addition to a healthy diet to provide specific nutrients you may be missing.

The directions for Field of Greens say to mix a scoop of the powder with 4 to 8 ounces of liquid. You can use water or any other beverage. Then, you drink it.

Final Words

The official website says that Field of Greens powder can be mixed into dips, dressings, and smoothies. They also say that you can add it to the batter of foods you bake at home. However, it may lose a bit of its nutritional value during cooking.

Green Vibrance is another supplement from Vibrant Health made with greens. The difference is that Green Vibrance contains some other ingredients as well. In fact, it includes A LOT of other ingredients. 72 ingredients, to be exact! It has everything from greens, to veggies, to fruit, to probiotics.

Like Field of Greens, Green Vibrance is meant to be used for nutritional support. While Field of Greens is supposed to detoxify and alkalize the body, Green Vibrance is supposed to help with cell function.


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